Adopted January 19th, 2012

This handsome orange and white guy is Nick, a 5-6 year old neutered male cat who has been living as a stray at a PFA station for nearly two years despite being perfectly tame. This summer, Nick made friends with a kind family who decided to care for him as an outdoor cat, and they have been feeding him and giving him lots of attention.

The family is unable to adopt Nick due to a family member’s allergies, but he enjoys being with people so much that we’ve decided to find him a forever family of his own. You can see in the photos that he would love to be inside with the people instead of relegated to the porch.

Nick enjoys treats, pets and head rubs and is quite content to sit in laps and purr away. He also gives hugs! He is definitely ready to give up the life of a stray and embrace the good life as a cherished pet. All he needs is a family looking for a friendly feline to love.

If you think Nick just might be the pet for you, please email Alanna at for more information about Nick, and our adoption process.

Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for People for Animals rescued cats and kittens.