Adopted March 3rd, 2012

This handsome green-eyed tabby fellow is Wilkes, a 4 year old neutered male who was rescued after hanging around stray at a PFA feeding station for several months.

Wilkes had a tattoo number, so we were able to contact an owner, but discovered a sad tale. His owner had moved out of the province several months earlier and was confident that she had found her sweet cat a responsible and caring home before she left. She was heartbroken to learn that her beloved cat had been abandoned and left out on the street to fend for himself when his adopter also left the province a few months later.

PFA has promised to help find Wilkes a true forever home that will cherish him and keep him safe. This sweet boy is interactive and affectionate and loves to be near his foster mom. He has no interest in leaving the safety of his temporary home - now that he has warmth, food and affection he does not want to lose it again.

He is happy to spend his days lounging in the sun, watching out the window, and receiving pets and ear scratches.

He has beautiful expressive eyes and lovely swirl markings, and has current vaccinations.

For more information on Wilkes, please contact Alanna by email.

Adoption Fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for PFA's rescued animals.