Adopted May 3rd, 2012

Meet Dewey, an 19 month old beautiful siamese cross. Dewey was rescued over a year ago during a huge rain storm when her momma disappeared. Dewey was found with her sister and rushed off to foster care where they were bottled feed as they were too young to be away from their mom.

After Dewey's sister was adopted she waited patiently for her turn and when her day finally arrived everyone was happy. However, Dewey's happily ever after was not to be.

Through no fault of her own, Dewey has recently been returned to PFA and is currently back in her old foster home. This sweet heart is being fostered in a multi pet house hold with several cats and small dogs. Dewey loves to cuddle and at times can become insistant that she be the centre of her foster parents attention.

Dewey has received for her vaccinations and has been spayed.

If you think you can give Dewey her real "happily ever after, " please contact Alanna at for more information.

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Adoption fee: $60

All adoption fees contribute to the veterinary fees and funds required for local animal rescue through People For Animals.