This sweet young cat is Izzy, a one-year old female who is spayed, fully vaccinated and de-wormed. Izzy was rescued by PFA late last fall as a young, scared mother sheltering in an abandoned house with her 4 kittens. We rescued the little family and brought them in from the cold, but sadly all of her babies died from feline distemper due to the poor conditions in their shelter.

Izzy is a true survivor of the streets. She was timid at first but has nicely come out of her shell and blossomed from a scrawny stray into a happy and healthy house cat.

Click here to read more about Izzy's rescue and the sad story of her babies: http://pfasask.blogspot.com/2008/....

Izzy is back with PFA after a failed adoption where she was unable to get along with the other cat in the home. She has done well in a busy foster home with children and multiple pets. However, she would enjoy a quieter home where she can be an only cat. She loves human attention so much she doesn't want to share it with other cats! She also loves a warm, soft bed to sleep in.

If you can offer Izzy a loving home with some cozy napping spots, please contact abanana71@gmail.com.

Adoption Fee $60

All adoption fees contribute to the veterinary costs and funds required for People For Animals local animal rescue