Adopted April 26th, 2012

Every once in a while, PFA rescues a cat whose charisma and personality really resonates with our volunteers. Bugsy is one of those feline characters. This street hardened tomcat was trapped by the PFA feral cat team, living in a broken down garage with his kitty girlfriend and their kittens. There was some urgency to catch Bugsy at the time, as the team could see that his one eye was badly injured. Once in foster care, this wary and scarred boy just melted, and over time has become a lazy, loving, plush and outgoing house cat.

This one of a kind male cat is a flame point siamese cross, neutered, approx 6-8 years old, fully vaccinated and vet checked. After several surgeries on his injured eye and cheek, Bugsy now has a clean bill of health, although he does sometimes need to have his eye wiped from slight excess moisture production. When he was rescued, Bugsy also had one of the worse cases of ear mites we had ever seen, with bloodied and injured ears from scratching. He is completely mite free now, but does have some scarring and nerve damage in one ear as a legacy from that experience. However, he needs no special care for this. The tips of Bugsy's ears are missing from frostbite, but we think that it only adds to his distinctive charm!

Bugsy is thrilled to be an indoor cat now, and glories in snuggling with his foster mom on the couch and in bed. He greets all visitors to the house with his distinctive siamese meow and big blue eyes, and is always the first cat to the kitchen at meal time. Bugsy adores being brushed, and especially enjoys a good chin scratch. Bugsy likes both men and women, but he really shines with small children. His foster family has a young toddler, and Bugsy will willingly submit to all kinds of pulling and poking, and purr the entire time. Bugsy has also spent a great deal of time with small dogs, and is excellent with them, even sleeping with them. His foster family has fostered many other cats over the time that they have had Bugsy, and he has taken on almost a fatherly role with many of the fosters, making them feel welcome and being friendly. Bugsy is especially good with young female cats and kittens, although he has proven to be fine with other neutered males and females. He does like to be the dominant cat, however.

Bugsy also loves the large scratching post at his foster home, and excels at using it. He adapted incredibly easily to being an indoor cat after so long on the street, and uses his litter box faithfully. Truly, Bugsy is a one of a kind cat who deserves all of the best things that life has to offer, and PFA wants to find him a forever home who will be as committed to ensuring his happiness as we are.

Could you be that home?
For information on adopting Bugsy, please contact Alanna at abanana71@gmail.com. To view the People for Animals Adoption Contract, click here: http://www.people4animals.ca/files/pfa_adoption_contract-adobe.pdf

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