Adopted Oct 29, 2012

People for Animals is a local street rescue charity.


Gender: Female
Age: 14 weeks
Breed: Domestic Short Hair; Black with white tuffs on stomach
Spay/Neutered: Not old enough
Vaccinations: FRCP
Other vet care: Anti parisitic medicine
Temperament: Sweet and affectionate
Other information: Being fostered in a multi pet house hold


This little beauty truely is a miracle. Miracle had been locked in a small cat carrier for 4 days without food, water or a litter box, while the owner was away. A concerned neighbour realized no one had been checking on the kitten and called the owner who admitted to locking the kitten up. The owner surrendered the kitten to the neighbour and PFA was called for help. It's amazing that Miracle survived 4 days without water, and that's how she got her name.

Now safe in a kitten foster home, Miracle is blossoming into a wonderful little kitty. She enjoys her cuddle time with her foster parents and purrs to show how happy she is to be will someone who cares. Miracle is also learning to enjoy the company of the other cats and dogs in the house, and actually prefers the company of the dogs to the cats.

If you are interested in Miracle, click here to view our adoption contract and click here to complete an adoption application or email PFA adoption coordinator Alanna at abanana71@gmail.com for more info.

Please note that sterilization at the age of 6 months is a condition of adopting kittens through People for Animals.

Adoption fee: $50

All adoption fees and sponsorship donations contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for People for Animals rescued cats and kittens.