Quiz: Are you ready to adopt?

You love cats and can’t wait to have a cute critter to call your own. But being a cat guardian comes with responsibilities. Before you adopt, complete our quiz to see how ready you are to take on a cat companion for the next 10-20 years!

You’re going on vacation. What will you do with your new family member?
A – Take them with me, board them at a boarding facility or have a pet sitter come in.
B – I think I have a family member or friend who would help out.
C – I’m have no idea. I guess I’ll have to figure it out – or leave behind food mountain?

You’re moving. What will you do?
A – I own my home and cats are always welcome.
B –  I will rent a home where cats are permitted and make sure I have saved enough money for a pet deposit.
C – I will pretend I don’t have a cat and hope the new landlord doesn’t notice.

Are you allergic to cats?
A – Nope! I’ve had cats before – and my family isn’t allergic either.
B – I’m not allergic but I have children and I’m not sure if they are.   
C – Yeah, I’ve had to get rid of other cats because of allergies in the past.

Your cat is sick and needs to see a vet. What will you do?
A – I have pet insurance or savings to cover a visit to the vet.
B – I’ll have enough money for a vet visit very soon – just need payday!
C – I’m gonna Google her symptoms and see what I can do for free.

Work, school, gym, activities … How much time each day do you have to spend with your cat?
A – Making time for my cat is a top priority. I set aside 30 minutes each day for interactive play to make sure my kitty gets the stimulation and exercise she needs!
B – I’m pretty busy but I can fit in some cuddles and play time.
C – Sometimes I’m away overnight or can’t get home for 24 hours or longer. So my kitty will be alone for long hours at a time.


Mostly A’s – Congrats! It looks like you’re in a good position to take on the responsibility of a cat. Visit the Cat-A-Logue to see which kitty is a good fit for you!

Mostly B’s – You’ve got a lot of the bases covered! Give some thought to how you can create an even better situation for a new kitty in your life, then see if you can find a cat that’s a good fit for your lifestyle!

Mostly C’s – It sounds like you’re not ready to take on the responsibility of cat right now. But that doesn’t mean the end of cats in your life – try visiting Excalipurr Cat Café to get your kitty fix!

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