What to Do If You Have Lost Your Pet

If you have lost a pet, try to stay calm and focus on an effective plan to help find your missing animal.

Search your neighbourhood thoroughly, and be sure to check bushes, shrubs, under decks, etc. - lost pets usually don't go far. Call your pet's name and listen closely when around garages, sheds and other structures where a scared animal might hide. Animals, especially cats, are curious and may find themselves locked in a neighbour's garage or shed. Don't forget to check garbage and recycling bins as well. Get as many people to help as possible so that you can cover more ground in a shorter period of time.

  • File a report with the Regina Humane Society lost and found (543-6363, ext 237), with a complete description of the animal and the area of city where it went missing. Check in person at the shelter often since they have so many animals.
  • Place a lost ad on the Facebook page Regina's Lost and Found CatsUsed Regina, and Kijiji, and offer a reward for the safe return of your pet. The longer you run the ad the better.
  • Canvas your neighbourhood with posters, covering as wide a radius around your area as possible. The poster should include a picture and description of the animal, and mention a reward.
  • Place posters up at local stores in your area.
  • Talk to your mail carrier and newspaper delivery person or anyone else that is regularly in your neighbourhood and ask them to watch for your pet.
  • When you leave the house, leave your pets favourite food in a dish or put something with your pet's scent on it, such as a blanket. Animals have a much stronger sense of smell and they can smell it from a distance.
  • It is very important to visit the local animal shelter/humane society as often as possible to look for your pet. Shelters are very busy and simply supplying a description of your pet - or even a tattoo number may not be enough. It could take days before shelter are able to connect you with your pet via the tattoo number.

Don't give up! Some animals have turned up almost a year later.