Who We Are

Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization and registered charity* that helps abandoned cats and kittens and educates people about the humane treatment of pets.

We rescue cats and kittens found on the street, on farms and under abandoned houses and businesses, and provide them with necessary veterinary care such as spay/neuter, identification and vaccination, as well as the rehabilitation necessary for adoption into loving homes.

We also trap, neuter/spay, and release feral cats back into colonies, followed by long-term care and feeding by dedicated volunteers.

Finally, we feel strongly that education is the key to success in addressing the severe plight of cat overpopulation in our city.  We educate the public on the importance of sterilization, responsible pet care, and the benefits of well-maintained feral cat colonies.

Regina Cat Rescue is a member organization of Humane Canada (Canadian Federation of Humane Societies).

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Regina Cat Rescue's legal name is People for Animals of Saskatchewan Inc., and our Charitable Registration Number is #8996 2599 ORR 0001.

We are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.