Pediatric Spaying and Neutering

Regina Cat Rescue encourages pet parents to spay (female) or neuter (male) their cats and kittens sooner than later. Generally, kittens are sterilized at the age of six months. After much research and discussion, RCR introduced a policy on June 1, 2013 that ensures no kitten will leave RCR’s care before the age of 12 weeks and no cat or kitten will leave RCR’s care unsterilized. Working together with partners in the community, RCR now sterilizes kittens at the age of 12 weeks, provided they meet weight and health requirements in veterinary examinations. Kittens that don’t meet the requirements won’t be sterilized until the vet gives them the green light.

Sterilizing kittens at this early age, called pediatric sterilization, remains uncommon in Saskatchewan, but it shouldn’t be. Cats, just like humans, are all different and some reach sexual maturity faster than others. Spaying or neutering kittens before they’re sexually mature is safe and practical. It’s the most effective means for RCR to ensure there are no accidents and that all cats in RCR’s care are sterilized.

Pediatric sterilization also prevents unwanted behaviours that often develop as maturity sets in, such as spraying, aggression, anxiety and the desire to roam. It also prevents the risk of pregnancy at such a tender age, which can be life-threatening for kittens so young and small.

An additional benefit to people adopting from RCR is that they’ll never need to worry about the cost or time required to spay or neuter their cats! Bringing a pet into the family is a big commitment filled with many responsibilities. With RCR handling sterilization and recovery, there’s one less thing for new pet parents to do!

As a result of this move to practise pediatric sterilization, RCR has increased adoption fees for cats and kittens between the ages of 12 weeks and five years to $140, which is a bargain for a lifetime of love. In addition to the increase in adoption fees, this change also requires longer stays for kittens in RCR foster homes. Ideally, this longer stay now will prevent mature, unsterilized cats from being returned to RCR’s care later. (If you’re willing to foster kittens, please contact us at

As a non-profit completely volunteer-run organization, RCR needs to explore all possible avenues to reduce suffering and overpopulation among homeless cats. The ability to sterilize kittens at the age of 12 weeks is yet another tool in our arsenal to help us with our objectives.

We’re always accepting donations and sponsorships for spays and neuters. If you’d like to help us with our mission to sterilize all felines in RCR’s care before they head out the door, please click the "Donate" tab on our website for more information on how you can support us.