Adopted May 2009

This sweet boy was abandoned at a local auto junkyard by his family over a year ago. The owner of the yard actually caught them dumping poor Pacer and watched them speed away. Since then, Pacer had lived at the junkyard, being fed and sheltered by the people there. One of our pet rescue volunteers, Brittany, was out at the yard last week, and she discovered Pacer, and learned about his situation. This poor cat was absolutely desperate for some love and attention!!!

This weekend, Brittany went back and the yard owner was thrilled to hand Pacer over to PFA, knowing that he would find a loving home through us. She took him to be vet checked, and we were told that he was already neutered and about 5 years old. He is a calm, loving cat.

For now, Pacer is here at my house, as we have no available foster home spots, but we couldn't bear to leave him out there for any longer.

He is adorable - I am guessing part Maine Coon and part flame point siamese. Pacer has amazing light blue eyes and is one of the biggest, shaggiest cats I have ever seen. We are going to be advertising him for adoption soon, and whoever adopts him will be extremely fortunate.