Inka and Onyx

Adopted August 7th, 2011

Meet two charming and irresistable kittens, Inka and Onyx, siblings who love to sleep,eat and play together. They would love to be adopted together, but they can also go separately. They have each had their vaccinations.

Inka is the fuzzier of the two with the white spot on her chest. She loves to talk, play, purr and cuddle. Inka can always be heard meowing from under the bed, waiting to be invited out to play. Once picked up Inka purrs constantly; in Inka's world nothing beats a good belly scratch while playing. Inka also enjoys eating lettuce, which she courageously steals from one of her foster siblings!

Onyx is a quiet boy, with short, soft fur. Onyx wants you to know that as the baby of a beautiful Siamese cross cat he has inherited the ridiculously cute, slightly cross eyed gene. Onyx loves to fall asleep on the lap or chest of his human companions and always follows Inka out of hiding to play. Onyx has a quiet, gentle purr, a small frame and loves to play with the laser pointer.

Inka and Onyx have adjusted well to their foster home and various human visitors. They get along well with each other and would do well in a home either with or without other cats. Finally, Inka and Onyx want you to know that they have undergone therapy to remove the bad luck from themselves (it was hard work but they really want a good forever home) so you can rest assured that these two are good luck black kittens!

For information on adopting Inka and Onyx, please email Alanna at

Adoption fee: $40 each

****Sterilization at the age of 6 months is a requirement when adopting kittens through People For Animals****

All adoption fees contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for People for Animals rescued cats and kittens.