Bianco and Hanley


People for Animals is a local street rescue charity.


Gender: Males
Age: 11 Months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair; White
Spay/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: FRCP
Other vet care: anti paristic medicine and treated for ear mites
Temperament: Bianco is outgoing and affectionate; Hanley is shy but with patience is coming out of his shell
Other information: Have to be adopted together


No you're not seeing double, these adorable identical twins are Bianco(left) and Hanley(right). These sweet hearts were rescued in the fall with two other siblings from a People for Animals feral feeding station. Both siblings have been adopted but Bianco and Hanley are still waiting for their forever homes. Though the boys are identical in looks, their personalities are very different.

Hanley is the more timid of the two but don't let that discourage you from considering this darling. When he's in a cuddling mood he will cozy up with his foster mom and purr. He loves to be petted, but needs to feel like he's not being cornered. Hanley is also very playful and loves to wrestle with his brother as well as the other foster cats in the home. Cat nip toys are Hanley's favorite, and it's not uncommon to see him carrying a toy mouse in his mouth from room to room.

Bianco, on the other hand, has a very adventurous personality and loves to pounce on his foster siblings when they least expect it. He enjoys playing with his brother as well as the other cats, and when they are all played out, he'll play with the large lab X in his foster home. Nothing seems to stop him from pursuing his adventures, except maybe his foster mom's warm and inviting lap. When the adventures are over this little love bug will curl up with his foster mom for hours keeping her lap nice and warm during the cold snaps that winter brings.

If you are interested in Bianco and Hanley, click here for our adoption contract and email PFA adoption coordinator Alanna at for more info.

Adoption fee: $90 for both

All adoption fees and sponsorship donations contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for People for Animals rescued cats and kittens.