Mouse and Kittens

This sweet little cat family is the latest litter to be rescued by People for Animals this spring. They will be ready for adoption the week of June 9th (2009).

The mama cat, Mouse, was doing her best to care for her babies in an old doghouse in a kind lady's backyard. But, they were being threatened by tomcats in the neighbourhood and the lady called us for help. The kittens are very friendly and are already used to being held after only 5 days in foster care. The calico, the only female in the group, is the bravest while the little black-and-white-guys are quite shy. All the kittens are litter box trained and love to play with kitty toys.

Please note that anyone wanting to adopt one of these kittens will be required to sign an adoption contract promising to have the kitten spayed when he/she is 6 months old.

If you would like to open your home to one of these fun little kitties, please e-mail